The reconstruction of the swimming pool to the Košice art hall on the whole and in many details copies or preserves its original features; for reasons related to statics, only the side wings of the building had to be pulled down and replaced with new structures. The central area is still dominated by the swimming pool – a trace of the previous building function. The preserved racing stages and the travertine edge no longer detract from the elegant shape of the original pool but frame the scene for a wide range of contemporary visual arts.

The typology and characteristics of the old swimming pool premises were also strongly influenced by other exhibition spaces; in terms of operation, it is designed as interconnected or separate functional units. The only permanent exhibition is the original wall mosaics, reconstructed and transferred to the expanded gallery on the second floor. Nowadays, the building has already experienced a number of exhibitions and social events.

Basic information
Amount 6 090 079 €
Commencement date 2012
Completion date 2013
Investor Košice city
Contractor OHL ŽS