We provide geodetic works for constructions throughout the Czech Republic. Our team includes educated and experienced geodesists. All work is done by modern measuring technology which undergoes regular maintenance and calibration.

Considering the history of the company, we have many years of experience, especially with railway constructions. All workers have necessary certifications and examinations (G01,02,03) for work on the railway lines operated by SŽDC. With the expansion of the scope of business, we have also expanded our field of study in which we provide geodetic services and we cover at the moment a wide range of geodetic activities


Engineering geodesy

We implement complex geodetic works, in particular for line constructions, railway, road and bridge constructions. Our staff, of course, will deal with all kinds of engineering geodesy works.

Geodesy in transport constructions

  • Laying out of earthworks
  • Laying out of bridge constructions
  • Laying out of main and detailed points of the line constructions
  • Laying out of underground utilities
  • Calculation of cubic contents
  • Preparation and import of data for navigation of earthmoving machines
  • Preparation of simple and complex documentation of the actual execution of constructions and buildings according to the regulations and methodologies of individual administrations or owners of these constructions
  • We ensure the activity of a responsible geodesist – officially authorized land surveying engineer

Geodesy in building constructions

  • Laying out of earthworks
  • Laying out of brick and monolithic structures
  • Laying out of underground utilities
  • Surveying of level line and verticality
  • Calculations of cubic contents
  • Geodetic documentation of the actual execution of a construction

Geodesy in underground utilities

  • Laying out of the track of underground utilities based on the provided support documents of the IS administrators
  • Geodetic surveying of the actual execution of a construction in compliance with regulations of individual IS administrators

We have many years of experience with measuring of railway superstructure, measuring with APK (absolute space position of the track) vehicle and data preparation for ASP, comprehensive geodetic documentation of the actual execution according to specific guidelines (SŽDC).

Land Registry

We provide laying out of land boundaries, processing of geometric plans.

Geometric plans

  • We prepare simple geometric plans, for example for the final building inspection and subsequent registration of a building in the Land Registry or for the land division, as well as extensive geometric plans for settling of ownership relations before and after the construction principally of line transportation routes
  • Geometric plans for defining the extent of easement to part of land – graphically depicting the scope of the right that applies to a particular piece of land or its part.

Lying out of boundaries of land

  • When laying out the boundaries of land, the location of the break points of the boundaries of land is marked in the terrain according to the cadastral data on their geometric and positional determination. It is performed in cases where the boundary is not marked or does not correspond to the cadastral data of the geometric and positional determination. .


Manager of the Geodetic Activity unit

Ing. Hubert Bodejček

tel. +420 602 595 182


Světlá 5, Brno – Maloměřice