OHLA ŽS, a.s., recognizes the need for interconnection between the theoretical domain of education and practical application in the context of construction production in its business environment. Therefore, the company focuses on the development of its current employees but also cooperates with a complete range of educational institutions of all levels and participates in the preparation of their graduates.

OHLA ŽS, a.s.

  • invites selected students and teaching staff to major events organized by OHLA ŽS
  • provides excursions and work experience for selected groups of students and excursions for teachers in the premises and construction sites of OHLA ŽS
  • assist students in teaching special topics and in practical lessons with work experiences in operation
  • provides assignments of diploma theses for selected students and provides consultants for them
  • employs students within labour-law relations and enables selected students study or holiday work experience
  • provides technical documentation for the teaching
  • is involved in solving research and development tasks arising from the needs of technical innovation in the company
  • assists its partners in obtaining grants and projects within the individual operational programs
  • consult with partner institutions on development trends in their respective field of competence

The cooperation covers the field of development of education, theoretical training and practical training of the young generation, as well as scientific research activities, development activities and fields of technical and economic support. Thus, the company cooperates with major universities in its regions, such as the Prague ČVUT, the Ostrava-based Technical University of Ostrava and the VUT in Brno. Then, it is, for example, Masaryk University in Brno and institutions providing MBA or LLM study.

In secondary schools, we cooperate with secondary technical schools of general or transport specialization. In apprenticeship, we have established a wide range of partnerships with vocational schools, oriented to the teaching of craftsmanship of building character.

Since 2009, the company has been a partner of R – Realization of constructions of the Brno VUT FAST, the company has participated in the past years on its conception and preparation for accreditation. We provide students with a fully-funded 10-week production experience to give students real experience from production already during their studies, thus shortening their adaptation process after taking up their jobs. Our desire is to take the path of preparing graduates who will be multidisciplinary specialists before starting a job, acquainted with the environment and corporate culture of our company.